Monday, March 17, 2014

Aria is 8 weeks old!

My little raspberry* just gets cuter and cuter by the day. She is starting to show her personality (I think we have a daddy's girl) and every day we get smiles and heart-warming noises. She is becoming more aware of the world around her and I have to remind myself to savour every moment because she is growing up so fast.

She is sleeping two 4-6 hour stretches each night so I'm not particularly sleep deprived (I know, I'm one of the lucky ones), but I'm also prepared for that to change at any minute. She is so long now that we have had to move her into a portacot (since I wasn't ready for her to go into her own room yet.) Means we can keep her with us for a few more months which is more for my benefit than hers hehe.

I've spent years searching for the reason I'm here, convinced that it was some career choice I hadn't discovered yet. I felt so completely lost, like I was just going through the motions. Waiting for this magical reason to one day appear. Until this week when I realised that I no longer had this empty space! I felt whole; the void in my life had been filled. My baby girl was what was missing! And I couldn't be happier or more excited about the rest of my life.

I always knew I would be a good mum but even I've been surprised at how natural it has all felt. I'd be lying if I said we haven't had hard days, of course we have but I haven't had any of the new mum jitters. I've never wondered if what I was doing was right, I knew it was. I feel confident within myself and know that I am always doing the best for my daughter. I love my new life! :)

*Dan and I wanted to buy something to celebrate Arias arrival that would last and become part of our home. So we bought a raspberry plant that each year will produce fruit around her birthday- hence the nickname we accidentally gave her. Raspberry :)

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