About Me

>> About Me <<
Hi! My name is Rhiannon Stone and I'm a New Zealand Artist on a mission. I specialise in Mixed Media and Watercolours and continue to practice regular art journaling. I'm an avid believer in being true to yourself and learning to love each day. Art has been a huge part of my life and I have experimented in many different forms over the years from writing short stories, to photography, to sewing, but I always come back to painting in some form or other. It is my true love; a practice I never tire of and am continuously fascinated by. For me it is the ultimate act of being me and I fully believe that creating art can change lives. It's liberating as much as it is humbling.

>> About The Blog <<
This blog is an online journal of my creative life and it documents my adventures, experiments, explorations and successes. I love to write about personal experiences that impact, inspire or change the direction of my creativity. I also write ongoing features such as Mondays weekly art journaling and Inspired By Nature

>> Contact <<
Email: rhiannon.e.stone@gmail.com