Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Practicing brush script

Sometimes you stumble into something and you have no idea how you got there but you're glad you did. 

While resurrecting the Monday Art Journal series yesterday, I decided a fresh start means it needed a fresh header. I've tried using free fonts over the years but nothing really worked. It always felt too rigid and impersonal. I wanted to try write my own header. This presented me with a problem though since my handwriting is not what I consider 'pretty'. It serves its purpose for shopping lists and private journal ramblings but it doesn't flow well. 

Then I remembered an artist I only recently discovered the name of- Kal Barteski. You would have seen her brush script style all over the Internet, I know I had. After trawling through pages of blog posts and learning a bit more about this incredible lady (watch her amazing TedX talk about how she became a polar bear artist here) I decided to give brush script writing a go. 

inhale the good shit

I spent the night experimenting with different variations on letters, using capitals in the middle of a word (I do this with my usual handwriting anyway since there are certain letters I don't like the look of in lowercase) and variations in pressure. 

I quickly fell in love with this style of writing and have since filled about 3 x A4 pages and an A2 page with words. P.S. I'm aware of the spelling and grammar mistakes in the one below, but I wanted to share it anyway.

You tried something

So far I have just used Indian Inks in different colours but want to try it with watercolours also. It brings me such joy to write like this and I could do it for hours.

Rhiannon x

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  1. I love this! And so much potential for amazing projects!