Monday, November 04, 2013

Art Journal #35 (& a pregnancy update)

Art Journal Monday Heading

It's back! After a rather unplanned hiatus I've felt it's time to bring back one of the most loved series on this blog- along with a fancy new header. 

Monday Art Journal Page #35

Things are getting a bit scary now. Exciting; but scary. I guess its normal once you realise you have single-digit weeks left before your life changes forever (about 9 weeks). I have so many new-mama questions swimming around in my head. Do I have enough clothes for her? Do I have the right kind of clothes for her? Will she get too hot? Or do I need to buy something else in case she gets a chill? How hot will it actually be in January? What if she arrives early? ...You get the idea. 

Monday Art Journal Page #35

You see, I reckon I have this pregnancy thing down pat now but each time I hear something I haven't even considered yet, I start to feel increasingly clueless about how to look after a newborn. How do you swaddle? What fabric do you use? What if it's too tight? It's becoming very hard to separate the necessary from the super-crazy-extra-cautious and to be honest, it's overwhelming!

So today I needed to stop.
Take a breath.
And remember that I am so lucky to have a partner who will be the best father. Seriously, those that know him will back me up on this. He's going to be amazing.
That I have every bit of support I could possibly need from both our families. 
That I have friends who are willing to help out wherever they can.
And no matter what, I know I am always doing my best to make sure little Aria is happy and healthy.

Monday Art Journal Page #35

I think I will be doing lots of little sanity reminders like this for myself before the end of the year.

Rhiannon xx

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