Monday, September 02, 2013

My September Challenge - A page a day

After my wavering creativity recently I have realised how important it is not to loose momentum. It becomes very easy to say to yourself 'I'll do it tomorrow'- but of course tomorrow never comes. With the start of motherhood slowly approaching (18 weeks left!), I need to get myself into creative habits now. It's only going to be harder once little Aria is here and needs my devoted attention. 

So I have decided on a challenge for the month of September: Fill a page a day. I'm using an A5 spiral bound sketchbook which is a realistic size for me to tackle every day. I have also made a list of things to draw so I always have something on tap. 

There are a few rules I'm giving myself to stay on track:
  1. It must be a full, finished page page.
  2. It must include some colour (either from paints, pencils, felt pens, crayons...whatever.)
  3. It should take between half and hour and an hour to do each day. More if I have time.
  4. It doesn't have to be pretty or perfect.
Here is my page from today (day #2):

Page a Day - #2

While I will do an update or two on the blog, I will be posting mostly over on Instagram. If you're keen to join in, use the hashtag #septemberpageaday, I would love to check out what you've done :)

Rhiannon x

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