Monday, August 12, 2013

Recently in pictures

While its been quite around here, it certainly hasn't been quite in my little studio. Being pregnant has given me quite a bit of brain fog (I guess I have a lot of other stuff to focus on now too!) so writing hasn't been as easy to do as it used to; none the less I want to give you some sort of update as to what I've been doing.

I created my first piece of mail art for a lovely arty lady in Australia (you should check out her blog- totally amazing!). I really enjoyed the process of making something for someone else and am keen to start a few more swaps. If your interested feel free to email me at: rhiannon.e.stone [at] :)

Since finally finding and buying Micron pens, I have not stopped drawing. I have been focusing on using lines as a way to create depth and on little details. This little sketch also gave me the inspiration for a large commission I am working on (see below).

We have been really fortunate to have a mild and rather sunny winter this year. So I have been taking advantage of it as much as I can (and so has Zeus) by sitting outside in the overgrown garden jungle.

More drawing with my new pens.

Part of the 90cm x 30cm commission I am working on. It's been so fun creating this, knowing it will be hanging in someone's house once I'm done. Although I really need to work on meeting my deadlines ha!

I've been building up my pen collection this month and managed to score a gold and silver marker for really cheap (I hadn't replaced my old ones simply because of how expensive they were). Oh and I nabbed two new washi tapes too- that was a good day :)

I found some cheap needles so I could start learning how to needle felt and play around with this gorgeous wool. So far it is the most therapeutic creative process I have ever come across and cannot wait to practice more. So far I have only made circles and a small heart but I'm really proud of them.

Rhiannon x

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