Monday, August 26, 2013

It's a girl!! (20 weeks pregnant)

20 weeks Pregnant with our baby girl- Arianna (Aria)

It's official - we are having a girl! Dan and I have already agreed on a name and I love being able to refer to her by her name instead of 'it' (honestly...I started calling her a 'her' a few weeks ago because I was sick of referring to her as a 'thing'. Figured if it turned out to be a boy I would just apologise and never speak of it again haha.)

Her name will be Arianna, Aria for short. Dan wanted her to be called Aria, but I loved Arianna so we did what any normal couple would do- gave her both. One official and one unofficial. 

We actually had to go back for a second scan to find out which gender she was as the first time she refused to co-operate (by then I figured she was probably taking after me haha). 

As you can see I'm starting to get a bit of a pregnancy belly now. The questionable stage of whether I had just eaten too many cakes recently has passed and now she is growing super fast. I can't believe how much more she is going to grow. 

Pregnancy is certainly not all rainbows and smiles but I am enjoying the process of our little lady being made. I thought I would struggle the most with mood swings but it seems after years of having to learn how to manage depression, this has been one thing I haven't noticed much. 

We have started buying a few bits and pieces (cute little dresses) but I still have a majority of the big purchases to go (crib, stroller, car seat, etc..) There is plenty of time though...right?! Just a bit more painting to do in her room and I can start filling it up with furniture. 

Tomorrow I will be sharing the first of what I hope to be many paintings for Aria. I will also be talking a bit about my struggle with creativity recently.


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