Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Macro Photos

Last night I finally wrote a brief for each of my 5 subjects- my 2 Majors are Painting & Drawing and my 3 Minors are 3D, Design & Photography. I have found the direction I desperately needed so today I started on my photography minor. I have written a few goals which consists of learning how to use manual settings properly (something I have put off for a long time) and taking a series of abstract photographs based in nature. 

Today I tried a technique I read about over on Alisa Burke's blog which she calls 'The Lazy Reverse Macro'. With a break in the rain and clouds I ventured into the wilderness we used to call our garden and I got some stunning results!

The Lazy Reverse Macro The Lazy Reverse Macro The Lazy Reverse Macro

In fact these captured moments remind me of a book I recently nabbed for cheap at a charity shop called Bloom- such a beautiful book.

Because I use a 18-135mm lens these are mega macro shots and are incredibly difficult to get in focus. Even holding your breath doesn't work. I would expect a shorter range lens, or buying a bunch of add ons (so I don't have to hold the lens in place while taking the photo) would give a crisper finish. But I quite enjoy how these have turned out. It's almost like taking a photo with an analogue camera because you really have no idea what you have just snapped- obviously it's still much faster though haha.

The Lazy Reverse Macro

The two photos above weren't as pleasing to look at up close, but from a distance they were still quite magical and deserved to be shared.

I feel like I got off to a flying start today with this idea and I can't wait to see how this series comes together over the next few months- especially with the change of seasons.

- Rhiannon x

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