Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Colourful houses

Hanging up in my parents kitchen are two crudely painted pictures I did when we lived in Singapore (I think I was 9...maybe?) I must admit I have always liked them (from a distance) as well - they had a sense of charm about them.

It was 30-something degrees as usual, humidity around 90% and the whole class went out on a trip to an area where there were a lot of British Colonial town houses. The whole class sat in a line on the footpath and drew for an hour. It was a rather sweaty experience haha.

Once back in the air-conditioned classroom we photocopied our favourite drawing and began painting them. Not a bad result really!

town houses

Seeing these for the thousandth time gave me inspiration to do a series of coloured houses in watercolour and it turned out amazingly. Its bright, cheerful and makes me smile. And that's what art should be about. I like that the lines are wonky, that nothing is realistic and that it totally reminds me of the paintings I did so many years ago!

coloured houses

I have now had someone ask to get a commission done in this style and I am so stoked to get started. It's going to be a b-i-g painting!


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