Friday, May 03, 2013

April In Photos

April - you weren't what I expected and I'm really not sure how I feel about you. I think you were a necessary evil. I do however accept that the extreme ups and downs were necessary for growth and transformation, but I'm not sorry to see you finish for the year. I think we will have a better time next year.

 It was a month to be truthful with myself and what I want to do. I spent a long time standing at a crossroad; confused and wondering which road to follow. Neither is more or less appealing than the other, they are just different. Both with attractive aspects and otherwise. There were daily arguments between my head and my heart and although it's still happening now, I think my heart is slowly winning. I will let you know :)

Bring it on May!
For once I have no expectations for this coming month. In fact I want to live this month day to day. I'm tired of planning so far in advance and worrying about the 'what ifs..'. I want need a month to live each day as if that is all that matters. Tomorrow may never come and yesterday is gone. Today is the only day that I care about. By the end of the month I should feel refreshed enough to start looking at the bigger picture again.

April 2013 in photos
- Rhiannon

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