Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taking Stock

I don't know about you but I'm terrible at keeping track of what supplies need replacing. So when faced with a trip to the art supply store, I tipped all my paint tubes onto the floor to take stock of what I was nearly out of. While I was organising them into colour, (they look so much prettier that way) I realised that I had no idea how many red's I had! Seriously...look

red paint

And I hardly even use red! So this is basically the result of impulse buying and never really looking at what I needed.

yellow paint blue paint pink and purple paint brown and black paint

And then there was a distinct lack of one colour...

green paint

I don't not like green, I just obviously haven't used it much. At least not enough to notice such a small selection. I wanted to change this though so on my trip I bought a new green paint- bright green

This little exercise made me realise how little I know about my own supplies. I can't even imagine what's hiding in the back of those drawers I keep avoiding. So I'm going to continue on and start to clear out, and keep a record of what I have. With buying new supplies nearly out of the question, I have to get creative with what I already have. Part of that is working out what I have to get creative with.

Have you ever found any hidden gems in your art space when you started looking?



  1. Hi Rhiannon, so what color do you use the most?

    1. Hey! Definitely purple and blue- they are my favourite colours by far :)

  2. Wow - you have so much paints. I actually only had FOUR acrylic tubes (red, blue, yellow, white - the essentials) and was getting by on those. (Mixing your own colors is very fun.) I recently bought 6 more tubes and feel like my collection is a good size now. But I'd love to have a collection like yours!

    1. Well done on sticking with the primary colours! I always see artists like Donna Downey who have what seems like a gazillion colours and I get paint envy haha. Xxx