Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Art Journal Page #32

#32 - Use more green

This week I was particularly inspired by Flora Bowley whose paintings are the epitome of whimsical and always emit a sense of freedom. I took the aspects I love about her work and injected it into my own (greener) art journal page. As always there are parts I love and parts I don't.  But I particularly like the white and blue petal flower. 

Art Journal #32
Art Journal #32
Feathers are creeping up all over the place at the moment in my doodles and paintings. 
Art Journal #32
In order to get something this multidimensional I needed to create layers and layers of colour. It started out as an ugly page with a hideous colour combination (sometimes I don't know what I'm thinking) and a few glittery cloud shapes. It fills me with joy to be able to create something so pretty. Art Journal #32 Art Journal #32

Plus...I think I have fallen in love with green! So I would say that this week was a successful one :)

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