Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Painting Big: 40" x 30" Canvas

Yesterday I spent the day working on a huge canvas I bought months ago. I bought it to hang in our living room, which currently has very bare, white walls. What I originally began painting wasn't turning out how I wanted so I worked on a plan and began again. I was inspired by this piece and I am so incredibly happy with the result. I don't feel like its 100% finished but at the moment but I can't work out what else to do, so instead of ruining it I'm going to see if any ideas come to me over the next week. If not then I declare it finished. It has taken me 4.5 hours to complete.

I can see why people love painting on a big canvas!!! So much fun and possibility! I can see many layers on this piece for our bedroom
Above is what I began with- and I had no idea where it was going so I covered it gesso and began again.Working on a giant painting for our very bare living room wall. Lots more work to do but already I'm loving it. #art #abstract #paintingbig
I really enjoyed working on such a large scale (despite how much paint I went through)- it's quite liberating. Its hardly surprising that Connie loves it so muchLiving Room Painting
I feel quite proud of being able to pretty much finish something of this scale over one day. I am notorious for having heaps of half (or even quarter) finished projects but this has given me an extra kick of confidence to go back and  finish or retire some of these projects. Living Room Painting
Have you ever worked on a really large scale- I would love to see what you did.


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