Monday, March 18, 2013

Art Journal Page #25

#25 - Go abstract

I started off today's page with this idea of painting a tree of life but it didn't quite pan out so it ended up in the bin. There was no way to re-work the mess I had made. But where there is failure, there is also success. I ended up focusing on abstract today since drawing and painting objects weren't working out for me. It reminds me a lot of work I used to do during my darker days, but with a more uplifting result. Its a very busy page, but it still also seems simple. What do you think?

Art Journal #25
Art Journal #25 Art Journal #25
The quote reads:
"Be gentle with yourself.
If you will not be your own unconditional friend, who will be?
If you are always playing opponent
and you are also opposing yourself-
you are going to be outnumbered" - Dan Millman
Art Journal #25
I found this little guy sleeping on my paint towel when I began to tidy up. He's my little shadow, always keeping my company down in my studio. I just snapped zeus trying to out-cute Dillon too.Art Journal #25 -Rhiannon

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