Saturday, January 05, 2013

Watercolour Bliss - Colour Experimentation

I didn't realise how much time it was going to to take to begin to feel settled into our new house! I had such ambitious plans for this blog over the Christmas break but so far nothing has come to fruition (but I am working on it). I am a bit disappointed but I figure, you only buy + move into your first house once- so I am enjoying every moment. We've spend the last two days ripping the garden apart and doing countless hours of weeding so I thought this afternoon I would spend some time working on Alisa Burke's Watercolour Bliss class. I have been wanting to buy Alisa's class for well over a year now but never had quite enough money- then Christmas came and I decided I would buy myself a present.

I never follow things in order so I went straight to the section on colour theory and began following the tutorials- so far I am absolutely loving it. This is exactly what I needed to do today, Therapeutic and calming. It's also the first time I have sat down properly since before we moved and did some creative work- oh how I have missed it. I have so many ideas I can barely get them down on paper quick enough. Here are a few of my first experiments...

Watercolour Bliss~ Colour Theory
Watercolour Bliss~ Colour Theory
Watercolour Bliss~ Colour Theory

I have a lot more colour experimenting to do tonight. These exercises will also help me work out colour schemes for the house (which I feel totally overwhelmed by at the moment) so its a double bonus!! 

What creative projects are you working on this month?

Rhiannon xxoxx

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