Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012~ A year in Review

I have been reflecting on the past year and while I love reading about others reviews, I have decided not to share one this year. This years has been filled with huge ups & mega downs~ I am scribbling notes, thoughts and ideas down and I've decided I don't want to turn this raw energy into something comprehensive simply for the blog. I like it broken into small, barely comprehensive little  pieces. 

Instead, I am going to round up the last two months in photos- It's so good to look back on snapshots and realise how much there is to be grateful for and appreciate.

Had fresh, New Zealand strawberries and I cannot stop eating them!

The first trip to the beach for the summer.

I bought a super bright and flowery summer dress.

Started to get ready for my first year of fruit + vegetable gardening.

Saw incredible sunsets (the balls of light are reflections on the glass from the restaurant I was in)

Accepted the fact that Christmas was approaching and decided to buy some festive decorations.

So of course then I had to get a tree to put them on. I love the smell of pine.

Auckland started to look pretty good...summer is here!

I love my Ariel PJ's that I got for Christmas. I also got a juicer which I have used every day since I got it~ so fresh and delicious.

Went mountain biking with my dad + Dan and totally kicked butt (considering I hadn't been on a bike longer than 10 mins in 10 years!). 13km and 1.5 hours later we were exhausted but happy.

Made a lovely platter for a big family feast yesterday. It's always so lovely to have everyone together.

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