Monday, January 07, 2013

Creative Goals for 2013

This was my creative workspace today - organised chaos! I haven't set up my office yet because I need to build a desk and I'm still hunting for some free wood to use. In the meantime I've set up a temporary space on the dining room table.

This year I won't be sharing my personal goals but I have decided to share my creative goals. I've put a lot of thought into these goals and over the course of the year I'm sure I will be adding to it. But this is what I have so far :)

  • 52 weeks of Instax ~ 1 instax photo a week. Kaylah did this a few years back and I finally have enough film to do it (it's so expensive in New Zealand- NZD$27 or approx USD$23). I have already done my first post that you can read here.
  • Taking inspiration from Carla Sonheim's 2013 project, I am going to spend this year focusing on learning to draw one thing in a variety of different ways- cats
  • Create a jar of art journaling ideas- this will be a collection of words, prompts, techniques etc. Good for those days where I sit down and go " what?"
  • Use up the supplies I have before buying new ones. I mean I have 3 different types of watercolours & lots of random, barely used sketchbooks. I need to stop buying new stuff and use what I have.
  • Press flowers/leaves from my garden - I love the look of pressed flowers and I have made (pathetic) attempts before but nothing ever really turned out very well. Then I read this post last year and I thought I would give it another go now that I have access to a better variety of flowers.
  • Focusing this year on finding my OWN inspiration and removing my obsession to search endlessly for inspiration online. This is inspired by Alisa Burke's philosophy on creating art.
  • Make lavender oil at home - this is another tutorial I found last year that I really wanted to try. 
  • Refer to my books more often -  I have a stack of lovely books on colour theory, art journaling, handwriting and all sorts of other things. Most of the time they just sit on the bookshelf, so I want to change that this year and use them instead of the Internet. 
  • Become a greener kiwi - use less plastic, use the compost for as much waste as possible, use less water & power, make as much eco-friendly products at home as I can, grow my own vegies/herbs/fruit, using eco-friendly paint to renovate. Our new house has a solar panel & rain water tank so we are already seeing savings in those two areas, it's just a matter of continuing to improve on it.
The important thing for me is that all these goals are FUN! :)

What are your goals for this year? Leave a link in the comments below ~ I love to check out new blogs!

Rhiannon xxoxx

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