Tuesday, November 06, 2012

October in Photos

October~ You bought longer and much warmer days. I found myself wanting to get outside as often as possible and bask in the sun. You also bough me a nasty cold *shakes fist* but I finally seem to be back to normal now, thank goodness. As for the rest of the month? Where did it go? I'm pretty sure I blinked and missed October entirely.

I finally went to The Auckland Winter Gardens
I had another plum risotto date with one of my best friends.
Drank more peppermint tea
Discovered that strawberry jam & mozzarella on toast is totally uh-mazing!
Spent some time playing Diablo 2 with Dan- what I call 'questing'
Got presents from Japan~ hello Domokun mug & biscuits

Month in Review~ October 2012
Rhiannon xxoxx 

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  1. Strawberry jam & mozzarella? I wonder if it's kind of like cream cheese and strawberries?

    Love the Domokun mugs. Kawaii!