Monday, November 05, 2012

Art Journal Page #20

#20~ Create a house with book pages

This is the 20th week I have done my weekly art journal post and I reckon its been a pretty big success so far. What do you guys think? I will be the first to admit that the last few weeks have been a bit more rushed than I would like though. However with a smidgeon more planning I should be back on track in no time.

Each week, knowing that this post need to be done has forced me to stop and do at least something~ no matter how bad or how small it might have been. This week I wanted to try making houses with book pages (inspired by thekathrynwheel). I was doing pretty well and then I made a huge mistake with the text. I (rather frustratingly) ripped and glued a bit of brown paper over it and wrote in a big black pen. And it actually sort of fixed the page. Love it!

A house with a library has a soul
A house with a library has a soul A house with a library has a soul

Later this week I will be picking my 5 top favourite art journal posts and I would love to hear yours! Click here to check them all out.

Rhiannon xxoxx

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