Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Things I Love #20 ~ Halloween Special

Happy Halloween! In New Zealand we don't really celebrate Halloween. In fact it seems us adults just use it as an excuse to dress up and drink alcohol (see photographic evidence of this below). I've always been quite amazed at how huge the holiday is over in America though and would love to experience it there one year. Us kiwis are just so much more low key, but it doesn't stop me appreciating all things Halloween! This week I can't promise a link to the original source for all images because some I came across some wicked-cool stuff I couldn't find the link for.

One of my all time favourite movies for Halloween, Hocus Pocus

 I love a good scary pumpkin carving

Learn to draw Jack Skellington - the most famous of all skeletons 

Sweet Clown
Clowns are freaky... always have been and always will be - by Sara Morrison

Have a Happy Halloween xox

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