Monday, October 29, 2012

Art Journal #19

#19~ Bubbles

I actually did this last week on one of my days off work sick. I got progressively worse before I got better and didn't have any strength or patience to photograph + write the post. 
I couldn't come up with anything to journal about since my brain wasn't in a state to do much thinking so I just picked a word ... bubbles. I love bubbles and think that everyone, no matter how old, should blow bubbles. [maybe like this; or this.] It's fun and will keep you forever young. However this page took a completely different turn than I thought it would...and I love that it did.

Art Journaling #19 (1) Art Journaling #19 (2) Art Journaling #19 (3) Art Journaling #19 (4) Art Journaling #19 (6)
I am in total love with the haphazard application of colours which was reinforced by a few oil pastel rings around the white bubbles. To me it worked perfectly and is one of my favourite pages I've done this year.

Faber Castelle Oil Pastels
Assorted watercolours
Black pen
Pink Gelly Pen
Rhiannon xxoxx

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