Monday, October 08, 2012

Art Journal #17

#17~ Artist Palette 

This weeks page was inspired by Pam Garrison. I loved the idea of having a colour palette as a background. What I didn't expect was the way I filled them in~ guess that's why its good to sometimes not think and just draw.

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I think the little fox on the top left, the cat in the centre and the bear in orange on the bottom right are my favourites. It ended up with quite a simple, cute, kid feel to it so I added in the words: "Don't forget the kid inside wanting to play". Sometimes its fun to draw super simple animals and just doodle. I'm really happy with this page- it took an unexpected turn and I love it!!

Cretacolour watercolour pencils
Stadetler Pigment Liner - 0.3
Rhiannon xxox

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  1. I must say the simplicity of this drew me in. So I ended up filling circles with watercolors for an hour or so this evening. Fun!