Saturday, October 06, 2012

Exploring the Auckland Winter Gardens [Part 1]

I went to Auckland's Winter Gardens today with my super awesome friend Louise. I packed my Canon 600D & Fujifilm Instax to take some inspirational photos of the flora. 
When we got there I took out my Canon camera but guess what? "No card in camera"- so that went back into my bag and grabbed my phone. It would have to do for today. Note to self: Always check the camera before leaving the house!
So as much as I wanted to grab some really vibrant, close up photos I could only use my phone and Fujifilm Instax. I was quite miffed to start with but then I entered the first building and I was overwhelmed by the colours, shapes and scents. It was such a magical place!

Winter gardens are gorgeous My favourite flowers there & I forgot the name haha #wintergardens so pretty

I've got so many more photos to share but I will save them until tomorrow. I hope your Saturday has been equally as fun and inspiring! :)

Rhiannon xxoxx

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