Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Things I love #18

This collection of photographs by David Chambon is just incredible! I love the little beetle too!

I love how soft and magical Jeremiah Ketner's paintings are.

Photojojo did a neat tutorial on flattening a disco ball creating a sparking reflector for photographs. Think it will go on my 'to do in summer' list

I discovered Little Lala this week- I am in LOVE with these day of the dead painted plates! + her tumblr is pretty amazing 

Have you guys heard of the kids book "I want my hat back" by Jon Klassen? Well he is about to release another book called "This is not my hat". I love this little interview with him over on 100 Scope Notes

These commissioned book covers are so pretty!! Loving the graphic design twist on these classics

Rhiannon xxoxx

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