Tuesday, September 04, 2012

August in Photos

August~ you were a month of 'get shit done'. Many paintings were started, my dream catcher was finished, cupcakes were eaten, blue skies were seen & instax photos were taken. You were the last month of winter and I am so happy to say fare-thee-well. It's high time we got more sunshine and our days became longer and warmer!

This month~
I bought magenta tights & painted my nails sparkly green
Reintroduced Spaz to the outside world (on a harness). However she prefers to be inside near me now, the total opposite to when we were in the old house.
I shared my first roll of 35mm film
I made homemade banana and peanut butter ice cream. It is so much better (and creamier) than I thought~ and dairy free! I see much more of this being made as summer arrives
I saw the beginning of spring peek through the winter days
I saved a snail who found its way up 9 floors and into my work building (how? I have no idea)
I planted some flowers on the deck
I painted outside in the sun
I went on Sunday lunch dates with Dan
I drank umpteen cups of peppermint tea
I got a new tattoo

August in Review
Rhiannon xxoxx

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