Monday, September 03, 2012

Art Journal #12

#12 ~ Octopus tentacles

I went to Kelly Tarltons at work this morning. It's not the biggest, or the best aquarium by any stretch but I always love looking at the octopus and seahorses. There is something truly captivating about them. I remembered that I had made a 'mental note' to create a journal spread with an octopus a while back so after taking a few pretty cool photos I was inspired. Today was the day to tackle that goal.

And I remembered to take progress shots today~ yay!!

Octopus Art Journal page~ #12 Octopus Art Journal page~ #12
I did this while curled up on the couch near the heater. It's not really cold tonight but it is super stormy and there is nothing better than feeling warm and cozy while listening to intense rain on the roof!Octopus Art Journal page~ #12 Octopus Art Journal page~ #12
I love how this turned out-- like really really love!! It's simple but I have finally incorporated some of my own drawing into a 'polished' journal page. I prefer the right page to the left however but I think that's just because of the placement of the tentacle and the extra detail. 

What do you love to look at in the aquarium?

Rhiannon xxoxx

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