Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Art Journal #15 // part 2

Just a quick post tonight as it's been a long day. I'm finding it really hard to assign time to do any art journaling recently due to starting up a pretty intense 5 out of 7 day fitness routine. I am enjoying it and don't see it changing much in the future so I'm looking at ways to try and reduce "fluff" time (e.g. that 1/2 hour after work where I just collapse on the couch) and have a bit more productive time. I'm getting there but it is slow progress.

Art Journaling #15
Sorry for the blurry photo~ it's certainly not my best page or my favourite but I did try something different and for that I am quite pleased. And who knew that there was such a profound quote, from Dr Seuss no less, about a zebra!! :)

Rhiannon xxx

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