Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watercolour Painting in the Sun

Once upon a time, late August in Auckland, it didn't rain... Shocking I know. But lets move away from the fact that we had been treated to something rather rare and focus on something even rarer! I had finished work early and was at home, sitting outside enjoying the sun... Every year it seems that during this awkward period between winter and summer, we are only treated to such beautiful days when we are stuck in an office building with only short breaks to venture outside. When I got home it was still this gorgeous outside so I was determined to make the most of it.
Beautiful (almost) spring days Spring Sky
I got my little collection of watercolours, our awesome rainforest book, a bottle of water and a few other bits and pieces (oh and Zeus) and started to sketch. It was fantastically relaxing, feeling the warmth of the sun on my back.
Nature Study_24.08.2012 Nature Study_24.08.2012
I haven't done many studies before, i.e. copying something purely for the sake of practice. It's definitely something I need to do more often though and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. It always seemed a bit boring- then again it will only be boring if I pick boring things to draw. I ended up picking out a butterfly, a moth and an assortment of fungi (of which I am yet to write the species of underneath).
Nature Study_24.08.2012
I still want to go over these with a black pen to define the shapes a bit more, but I still haven't found a decent black pen for this. Seriously...if you can recommend a brand let me know! Anyways- I am enormously chuffed with my first study. It was a bit of a random pick but I knew we had a good book I could use for reference. I want to do a lot more on flowers and also owls...oh and foxes. I think owls are so incredibly cool! And foxes? Well their awesome-ness speaks for itself.

That day has reminded me of how much I can't wait for more sun! Bring on summer baby!! 

Rhiannon xxoxx

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