Monday, August 27, 2012

Art Journal #11

#11~ Use my large stack of scrapbooking paper

I have this big stack of colourful paper. Some pages are quite pretty and some are rather ugly. I have had no idea what to do with it idea! So it has sat there, week after week, month after month...untouched. It's taking up a whole drawer in my art cupboard (yep, I have an art cupboard! I love being an creative geek hehe!) and I kind of need to get a bit of room back so I figured it was time to use it up.

Art Journal #11
Only one image tonight- me and my camera were having a disagreement and one photo was all I could get. I wonder if the journal page just didn't want to be photographed~ who knows!

In hindsight I actually preferred the page before I threw text in there. The text was an after thought in an attempt to fill the page up. I should have trusted my instinct and left it as it was. But this is what having an art journal/sketchbook is all about. Try something, and if it doesn't work then move onto the next experiment. Not everything works and sometimes you need to make something that makes you cringe (and the more I look at this page, the more I cringe).  

As I sit here and write this, I've started to think...'I'm glad I screwed this page up'. I have been on a winning streak for far too long. Each time I made a page I liked, I put more pressure on myself to create something equally as good next time. The silly mind games we play with ourselves! So creating this awkward looking page has cleaned the slate and leaves me open to create something equally as crap next time, if I feel that way inclined haha. But I did use up those bits paper so it was still a successful experiment. 

Rhiannon xxoxx

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