Sunday, August 05, 2012

How-to dye the tips of your hair purple, blue + pink

Today I thought I would share how my best friend turned my increasingly boring hair into something mega fun!

I talked to Corey about dying my hair for weeks and weeks (and weeks) so finally a few weekends ago we had a well overdue catch up and gave my hair some new life. I went against my initial decision (which was a full head of purple, blue & pink like this) and instead went for just the tips. Cheaper, easier to maintain and more suitable for work.

We used a new (to us) brand of hair dye called 'Directions' and I was really impressed with the colours. I used: Flamingo Pink, Midnight Blue & Plum

*Update: The Flamingo Pink lasted two washes before it went a nasty faded colour. However the Midnight Blue and Plum have lasted really well so I think I will get a different brand of pink next time.

So how do you do this? 
Step 1) Cut up a load of tin foil into strips (or aluminum foil depending what you call it). The size of the strips will depend purely on how much you want to dye and the thickness of your hair but aim for about 2-3 inches wide per strip.
          Step 1.2) If you have dark hair, you will need to bleach the ends before adding in dye. This is the only way to get such vibrant colour. I won't go into how to do this as Kaylah has already done a how-to post on bleaching
Step 2) You will need to work out which colour you are going to put on the bottom. The colour on the top will rinse into the bottom so it is usually best to have the darker colour on the bottom.
Step 3) Begin adding colour to the tips of your hair on the foils. You want it to be bright so put plenty of colour on.
Step 4) Fold the foil with your hair and dye inside (see left photo)
Step 5) Continue doing this to as much of your hair as you like. 
Step 6) Leave it in for about 45mins to an 90mins. Although you can leave it in for much longer if you like.
Step 7) Rinse out all the colour- don't use shampoo and try to use a clod water as it helps keep the dye in. Don't worry about the water running clear, it never does. Just get as much off as possible, then wait for it to dry and viola! You have smashing hair!

I am absolutely smitten with my hair. In fact I think I like it even more than if I was to do a full head of colour. It is bringing some vibrancy into the few remaining grey and rainy winter days.

Rhiannon xxoxx

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