Sunday, July 22, 2012

Welcome to Riz Made This

Recently I enrolled in Leonies Goddess Circle. There were so many reasons why I decided to finally join but one big factor was her e-courses. Now, this woman knows what she is doing. How else would she be able to jump up and move into a sweet tree house in Cairns? Its led me to make the first of a few big changes- today's being the name.

So why ‘Riz Made This’?

I’ve had a huge problem with a name that would stick and that would work for both my blog and my soon-to-launch Etsy shop. I read countless articles on how to pick a business name; things to try and think about and test out. I did every single one of them but after months, still nothing came to me. This blog began in 2010 as Pierced Beauty; a favourite online username. When I wanted to try and step it up a notch I began thinking about an alternative name. I went through lots of different options and finally thought I had cracked it with Three Tall Poppies. I now realise I hadn't and that I was just getting impatient and tried to make something fit. As weeks passed I kept thinking ‘what the hell did the name Three Tall Poppies even mean?’ I couldn't answer my own question; the name didn't resonate with me. 

I began working on the business e-course a few weeks ago and on the content of my blog & soon-to-launch shop. Basically I stopped focusing on the name and true to form, when you stop searching for something it appears. One night three words popped into my head and would not leave.

Riz Made This.

I slept on it and then let the name sit with me for a few weeks. After bouncing the new name off a few people, I started working on all the things I never did with Three Tall Poppies and it just felt right. It all started to come together. I know this is the name I was looking for.

At first I was really reluctant to make the change. It felt like admitting defeat. Like I had picked something that didn’t work- again! But the more I worked through Leonie’s course the more I thought to myself what do I really have to lose? I haven’t set up an Etsy shop yet. I may lose one or two readers but chances are they weren’t really that interested in my blog in the first place. So I took the plunge and here we are. A much tidier and less cluttered blog. Much more focused content and a brand new name. I feel like this is the new start I craved at the beginning of the year.

Tillie says hi by the way :)

Rhiannon xxoxx

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