Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Things I Love #9

Hi everyone!! I realise that this is the first post since Wednesday last week but I am still without internet at home so I haven't been able to get anything up! Luckily for me, I scheduled two of these 'Things I love' posts last week so I quickly typed this bit up during my lunch today (and added one more I found). I hope you enjoy it and I hope to be back real soon~ so many things I want to share & update on =)

Each Wednesday I do a post on Things I Love. I see it as being a slightly altered version of a gratitude list. I hope it brings a bit of joy into your Wednesday. *I will only create post with images/videos that credit the original source.

I had to start with this video because it really did 'wow' me. If you are not a video watcher (like I used to be), make this an exception. Jonah Lehrer speaks about the origins of creative insight & why you need grit! Super interesting.

Plenty Of Colour is a really neat blog filled with all sort of colour inspiration. Go and get lost in the pages of colour~ it's proving to be a great source of inspiration for me.

We Are Lucky is a concept dreamt up when a $400,000 flight to space was cancelled. The person who had booked this flight had recently come into a lot of money & decided that it their   trip was rather selfish and wanted instead to be able to spread their good luck by giving away £1,000 a day to a total stranger. The catch? Do something good with the money- that is it. Read more about it all over here~ this kind of project makes me so happy!

Oh I so love these little monster cards by benconservato.

I love Corey Marie's DIY $6 plastic camera lense. Such a great idea for those of us who cannot afford awesome cameras that create these sorts of effects.

Hope you enjoy your wednesday =)

Rhiannon xxoxx

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