Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Things I Love #8

Each Wednesday I do a post on Things I Love. I see it as being a slightly altered version of a gratitude list. I hope it brings a bit of joy into your Wednesday. *I will only create post with images from Pinterest that credit the original source.

This week has a bit of a twist! By now most of you probably know (I have three!)~ so today I am doing my weekly Things I Love on all things kitty related. Let the madness begin!
I really think I need this cup. I am a devote follower of Simons cat~ my personal favourite one is 'Double Trouble' (watch below)

This dress is so far from what I would usually wear but it is just so darn cute! I can see me rocking this with my black Doc Marten 'Becca' Boots

PUSHEEN! The most loveable cat that hides in Tumblr, but is known to make appearances all over the internet.

This is the coolest article on different sorts of home modifications to make your cats life inside a tad more fun.

Cat Vs Human is such a cute, based on real life, comic series illustrated by Yasmin. (Who wants to buy one of these with me?!

Hope your Wednesday have been good to you. 

Rhiannon xxoxx

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  1. This might just be right up your alley then!