Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mid-Year Review~ 100 Things to do in 2012

Remember this wonderful list~ 100 Things to do in 2012? Since we have just hit the middle of the year, I thought it was time for an update. Some things have been removed (no longer what I want to do), some a lot of things have been added and some have been crossed off. Funnily enough Leonie posted her mid-year update this week too!

Y Go to the zoo Y Go on a girly road trip Y Try a new vegetable Y Buy/Make someone a present for no reason Y Do something to pay it forward Y Have a picnic Y Get a manicure & pedicure Y Swim in the sea Y Climb a tree Y Listen to a whole jazz album Y Knit a scarf Y Finish a large painting (larger than A3) Y Collect shells from the beach Y Watch Marry Poppins again Y Play in a playground Y Draw more often Y Blow bubbles Y Draw on a side-walk in chalk Y Take more photos with my Instax camera Y Jump on a trampoline Y Buy a board game Y Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ Y Keep up running Y Compliment a stranger Y Make an anklet Y Take more pictures of the sky Y Wear bright lipstick Y Tie-dye something Y Buy a pair of socks with a face on it Y Roast marshmallows over an open fire Y Make bread Y Take more photos with 35mm film Y  Y Learn yoga Y Build a fort Y Frame a picture Y Make a handmade card for someone’s birthday Y Make a dream catcher Y Discover a new band Y Go rock-climbing Y Play Frisbee in the Domain Y Have a water balloon fight Y Do a finger painting Y Enter a competition Y Cook dinner for someone you don’t usually cook for Y Cuddle my cats as often as possible Y Eat chocolate dipped strawberries Y Go for a bike ride Y Play in sprinklers Y Read a book from your childhood Y Research about something you never got round to doing Y Learn to knit Y Launch my online shop Y Make something I can wear Y Make a curry Y Buy some awesome tights Y Make home-made ice-blocks Y 1 date night a month Y Do a cartwheel Y Get another tattoo Y Wear ribbons in your hair Y Take more polaroid photos Y Practice self love Y Burn white sage incense Y Walk more often, just because I can Y Smile more Y Watch a sunrise Y Write my first e-book Y Create a catalogue of healthy recipes Y Facebook/ Tumblr/ Tweet less Y Start a collection of crystals Y Plant a herb garden in spring Y Read Women Who Run with the Wolves Y Write more gratitude lists Y  Have more flowers in & outside the house Y  Hang up picture frames and posters in the house Y  Buy more local fruit & veg Y  Learn a new hair style

It's also time for me to refer back to my 2012 Goddess Workbook & My Radical Self Love kit. These two booklets have been unnecessarily neglected the past few months, so I'm wiping off the dust and jumping back in. 

What have you crossed off your list this year?

Rhiannon xxoxx


  1. I have a page on my blog with a list of 100 Creative Actions to take, and I have added a link here so people can enjoy other folks' "Lists of 100". Thanks for some great new ideas!

    1. Thank you so much Andria! Your list looks awesome! It's given me even more ideas to add to the list =)