Monday, July 09, 2012

Art Journal Page #5

#5~ Use Indian Ink

I used to love using Indian Ink but for some reason (I still don't know why) I just stopped. My little container of Indian Ink was buried in the back of my supply closet by new paints and whatnot. It was time it made a comeback. And it did, but not quite the way I had hopped it would.

Art Journal #5

Although apparently I had forgotten how to pour ink into it's lid and spilt a huge blob on my nicely painted page. My original plan went straight out the window and was now replaced with the question 'how the hell do I salvage this mess?' My initial reaction was 'tear the page out and start again' but I kind of liked the idea of creating something out of this accident. Sometimes the best work comes from something you didn't mean to do, and so I began formulating a plan.

Art Journal #5

I blew on the ink to spread it out and disperse it. I ended up with some pretty of cool looking branches (is that the right term?) but I still really didn't like how dominant the black was. I wanted to be able to cover up the bulk of it~ so I figure lets go with layers!

Art Journal #5

I used some bubble wrap to create texture over the biggest area of ink (above right) and used gesso to cover some other sections (above left + below). This broke up the mass and made it easier on the eyes and much easier to continue with. 

Art Journal #5

I really love the colour combination I used and how I managed to section them off from each other, without them being totally separate. This week I learned how to go with whatever might happen; how to create something pretty awesome from something that started out a big, messy, inky accident. I don't love it but this piece serves as a reminder that you shouldn't start over simply because something didn't happen the way you originally planned.

Cheap Craft Paint
Indian Ink 
Bubble Wrap

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  1. That's great page! I love your art journal Monday!

    1. Thank you so much =) I love creating them too~