Tuesday, July 03, 2012

June in Photos

June~ you tested me this year. You really did. The loss of Max was (and still is) incredibly hard to think about. Lots of time was spent with Dan cuddled on the couch, staying warm, drinking hot chocolates and watching movies. I watched far too much Spongebob Squarepants (have you seen this episode?!) and got reacquainted with my sketchbook.

This month I have~
Had lots of yummy lunches & coffee dates with friends and family
Spent lots of time remembering the good times with Max
Started to run more frequently
Stopped drinking coffee (and all caffeine) 
Had lots of cuddles with Zeus & Tillie

Here are a few photos of things that made me smile; of things that I love (photos are not in any particular order):

I made a list to end all lists & am slowly working my way through it

KFC released a pie- it was big news here in NZ so I jumped on the bandwaggon and gave it a try. Pretty good for a pie actually- pleasantly surprised!

I love this photo of Max I took early June. I went to clean the litter box and while my back was turned he decided to hop in. He has got that 'oh crap, she's seen me' look on his face hehe.

I took a stroll around the block to try and get to know my area a bit better and what do you know? It looks like this~ how beautiful!

A Sunday morning excursion at Mission Bay with a couple of friends for a big breakfast & Kiwiyo 

Some light frost from down our road; winter is very much here *brrrr*

I wrote a rather popular how-to post on making a blog calendar

Dan and I went to scatter Max's ashes on 24 June down at Bayswater Marina (near where we used to live). Dan bought me this 'M' for my Pandora bracelet to remember him by xx

A delicious fruit salad with greek yoghurt~ noms!! <3

This beautiful sky was taken for Connie's Project to commemorate her dear friend, Uncle Johnny. Pop over and read all about her project here

How was your June?

Rhiannon xxoxx


  1. Just catching up on blogs now I have a bit of free time, and no more deadlines this week. Wow you were tested in June, but hopefully July will bring you happiness and sparkles. I love that you have an M for your Pandora, thats a great idea and so special. I wondered about those KFC pies. I like how the time felt right for you to do a page in your art journal for Max. BTW I am playing catch up today on Gala's pages.

    1. Hi love! Thanks for your comments :)
      I am going to be playing catch up tonight too! Will finally get home at a reasonable hour so will have time to sit down and sink my teeth into it xox