Monday, July 02, 2012

Art Journal Page #4

This weeks art journal page was quite simply, just for Max.

#4~ Follow my instinct 

This week I really didn't feel like doing a page. I just couldn't think of what to do after making a few (accidental) ugly pages over the weekend. The colours I picked didn't work and I felt stuck~ so I thought to myself 'just follow your instinct'. I hadn't done an art journal page for Max yet, I didn't feel I was ready. It's still really hard to think about him not being with us any more. But today I knew it was time to honour him in my art journal. Nothing overly fancy or even particularly tidy but something meaningful to me. That is all.

Max~ Art Journal page  #4

I started off with one hideous yellow & purple page (what was I thinking?) so in a desperate attempt to cover it up I layered up some gesso. Result: saved! Kind of.

Max~ Art Journal page  #4

I used a brown paper bag to create a solid coloured background to write the his name. I used tipex/whiteout/twink/correction pen (everyone calls it something different) & a gold pen.

Max~ Art Journal page  #4

This really cute little tag was from some of our awesome friends wedding and I just thought it was perfect because he really was so incredibly sweet.

Max~ Art Journal page  #4

The final part, but most important part was this poem that my aunty shared with me. It was written by Mary Elizabeth Frye

Overall? I'm not assessing what I liked and didn't like about this page this week. This week was about just making a page in memory of Max & following my instinct.

Materials used:
Craft Paint
Brown Paper bag
Ink Jet Printer // Poem
Brown Tag from friends Wedding
PVA Glue
Sequins - gold
Pink Heart Washi Tape
Blue Biro Pen

Rhiannon xxoxx

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