Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things I love #6

Each Wednesday I do a post on Things I Love. I see it as being a slightly altered version of a gratitude list. I hope it brings a bit of joy into your Wednesday. *I will only create post with images from Pinterest that credit the original source.

What do you get when you combine The Avengers & Sailor Moon? Some pretty awesome illustrations ~ by nna

Say hello to Excalibur - the tallest free standing climbing wall. This massive 37m tall wall is found in Groningen, The Netherlands and has me shaking in my boots just looking at it! I can only imagine what the view must be like at the top though.

Su Blackwell is a book lover and artist (the perfect combination if you ask me) who creates fairytale type sculptures from books. Her work is so meticulous that I am in awe of the amount of patience necessary to create these beauties. 
I am in love with this dress by Vivienne Westwood~ and I'm usually not a fan of 'designer' wear. It's part of a collection she made that paid homage to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Take a peek at the rest of her collection

YUM! These 'hot for hot chcolate spoons' by ModCloth are just what the doctor ordered for cold and wet winter nights. 

These collections of flowers and their names are so lovely! They were put together to help brides plan their wedding bouquets but I just love having a guide to the names and look of so many different flowers & leaves.

What have you come across this week that you loved?

Rhiannon xxoxx

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