Thursday, June 28, 2012

Instant Kitty Photos

For my birthday in April, I was given a Fujifilm Instax Mini. Because in New Zealand we were just approaching winter, I haven't had much chance to use it- until two weeks ago.

Me & the cats_June 2012

 It was a lovely sunny winters day so I whipped out this cute little camera and snapped a photo of each of my sweet cats. *This was the last photo I got of Max, so it's extra special to me. 

Tille & Max_June 2012

My friend Louise also took one of me~ how often do the photo takers get in front of the camera? Not enough! I particularly love Zeus' photo who is mid-yawn  Looks more like he's yelling hehe!  

Me and Zeus_June 2012

I love how raw and imperfect these photos are~ some were out of focus and some were on the wrong setting (which is why Tillie looks like a big blob of white). I am looking forward to using this more as the weather begins to warm up and I start spending more time outside.

Rhiannon xxoxx