Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art Journal Page #3

#3~ Use an old sewing pattern that I have in my box of never used materials

After the last few weeks, last week in particular, I have been really uncomfortable with the new house. I've even wrote about it a few weeks back.

The more I thought about it, the more I realised it was like when I got my first pair of black, 14 hole Dr Martens. I know; weird thing to think of right? But I loved those boots because they looked awesome and made everything I wore seem ‘cooler’. But geez did they hurt my feet. I persevered and kept wearing them though, knowing that eventually they would feel right and fit me properly~ and they did. I feel the same way about the house we are in. It still doesn’t feel right, but I know with time and enough (good) memories being made, it will feel right.


This week I wanted to include something I haven't used in my journal pages before- an old sewing pattern. Oh and purple & orange & yellow is a combination of colours I don't think I've ever tried but have always loved. I got the image of the Dr Martens from the cover an old Remix magazine.


I have a stack of different kinds of paper that I have never used either so decided to throw a couple in. I wanted the spotted one to look like washi tape when it was stuck down so I trimmed the edges to make it nice and tidy, but for the rest I just tore them.


Overall? I love the combination of colours I used and how well the sewing pattern worked. Because it is such a thin material, its perfect for balancing out a really bright area (like the yellow on this page). I would have liked to of removed the painted 'grid' around the text but I just went with it. So yep, another one I am pretty chuffed with :)

Materials used?
Various Tissue Paper
Old Sewing Pattern
PVA Glue
Cheap Craft Paint
Magazine cut out from Remix
Gold gel pen
Uni-ball black pen

Rhiannon xxoxx


  1. grrrr I lost my comment lol. I said I loved this page. Love the colours and the sewing pattern rocks.

    1. Thanks hun! =) I got plenty more sewing patterns to use up too. Might become a bit of a theme hehe