Thursday, June 21, 2012

How-to: A Monthly blog planner

I am finally managing to cross things off my list~ wahooo! These visual reminders I made last month are working out perfectly.

Last week I decided it was time to tackle making a blog planner. It's something I know is going to help me immensely. It will mean regular posts on here but will also allow me to make sure I follow up on previous posts (something I admit needs much improvement)!

I had toyed with using my filofax to plan everything out but I wanted to be able to see the entire month laid out.  Instead I decided to use Kaylahs post-it note idea and create my own. I used a piece of thick A3 paper and roughly drew in columns that would fit my post-it notes (no ruler necessary). It's plain and simple, but effective. Maybe next month I will jazz it up a bit, but to be honest I like it being this easy to read.  This month I have written the dates on the post it notes but next month I will be writing the dates on the paper instead so its easier for me to switch them around if I decide to.

I would love to see variations of this idea.
How do you keep organised?

Rhiannon xxoxx


  1. To be honest I don't plan that far ahead for blog posts, as in I am not that organised. But I am loving that post it note idea. The funny thing was I saw a version of post it note as a goals board on pinterest and I was like yeah thats me, and I was already thinking how I would create it using one of those brown clipbaords.

    Other ways I keep organised is my lists, I use on my iphone and also in one notebook, I do like the idea of a more visual approach though.

  2. Great idea to use post-its for this. Lists annoy me, and calendars by themselves get dull...but rainbow-hued post its...I could get into that! Thanks!! MJ @parscaeli

  3. I saw this on daintysquid a long time ago and tried it out. I started hating cutting up all the little post-its! hahaha I still have a blogging calendar, but it's handwritten by me. I use pencil and pens for permanent musts. Post Its are reserved for holidays, features, etc... I love all blogging calendars though. It makes life so much easier!

  4. Great idea! I love the idea of using post-its so that you can move things around.

    I used to write in pencil on an a4 sized "wall planner" but now that I don't post one a day, I haven't been doing that anymore. I have 2 days a week that have regular entries but the rest is just a free for all. I've decided to be much more relaxed in my blogging this year. One a day was turning it into work and stress is not what a blog should be about.