Monday, June 11, 2012

Art Journal Page #1

Welcome to the first of a new weekly series!  Have a read about why I wanted to start this series over here

#1~ I experimented with a simple pattern for my background.

Usually I paint a solid background and then begin planning from there but it always makes my pages feel quite dense and heavy. I was inspired by the minimalist journal pages out there, proving that you don't need it to be busy for it to be successful. I decided to keep this simple so I painted blue zig-zags with grey acents (dotted lines etc)

25.5.2012~ Lazy Sundays

I wanted to keep it cool but it felt too cold with just the blue and grey so I added a few dabs of light pink & baby blue into the mix. The image I used had similar colours to the background and it ended up blending too much so I decided to outlined it. It wouldn't have worked as well if I hadn't.
I didn't know what to write on this page for about a week but then one Sunday (whilst still sitting in my PJ's) I decided that what I was not doing fitted the page perfectly. And yes, lazy Sundays need to happen more often!

25.5.2012~ Lazy Sundays

Materials used:
Sussan Promotional book
Craft paint (very cheap $2 stuff)
Pink Heart Washi Tape
Glitter Gel Pen
Paper Towels

Overall? I'm pretty damn happy with this page; it turned out just how I envisioned. I'm digging the plain pattern too and am keen to try other patterns; still keeping it simple though. Circles or triangles maybe? The only thing I do want to improve on is my handwriting. I feel it ends up letting the page down, but I can practice that. 

Hope you have enjoyed the first of this series. It's proven to be really fun to write about and analyse what I have tried. 

Rhiannon xxoxx

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