Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things I love #4

Each Wednesday I do a post on Things I Love. I see it as being a slightly altered version of a gratitude list.  I hope it brings a bit of joy into your Wednesday. *I will only create post with images from Pinterest that credit the original source.
When I first found this on Pinterest I thought "Man what a cool idea for adding detail to paintings". But when I saw where it originally came from I was amazed (and excited) to see it had been designed for nail art. I suddenly want to paint my nails again!!

This is such a fantastic concept. Living with depression for the last 10 years has been incredibly hard at times, but as the years go by I work out more and more ways to cope. Sometimes there are still days where nothing I do to try and cope works. This little box would be such a useful tool for then~ I am definitely going to make one.

I love this post on how to create fake calligraphy~ and it's something I am going to practice since I feel my handwriting lets my art journal pages down sometimes. 

This goal page created by Shelly from A Wee Bit Warped is so cool! Mental note: create an art journal page inspired by octopus!

The weather is getting colder and colder here (was a nippy 4 degrees Celsius this morning) so naturally I start to gravitate towards comforting home-made soups. This mushroom soup looks divine.

I am forever amazed at how incredibly beautiful jellyfish can be. Obviously so was Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov who photographed a series on Jellyfish.
Hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday!

Rhiannon xxoxx

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  1. hey Riz, I love that Jellyfish it's amazing. I like having an emergency kit for the soul, I remember it was great advice I read in a book when I was going through a period of depression. I had a colouring books and crayons in mine, along with some bubble mix and bubble wands, cards, a cd, and writing paper and a journal, from memory. It was great to have and certainly put a smile on my face.