Friday, May 11, 2012

My Monsters

I really love how these two monsters turned out. I picked a random drawing lab assignment from the latest book I have bought: Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists by Carla Sonheim.

This book has been sitting on my 'to-buy' list for quite a while but I was so involved with paint and colours that I put off doing any kind of drawing. I wanted to create something bright and beautiful, full of texture and emotion. But just as the seasons change, so did my focus.

The recent move has forced me to go back to basics; pencil/pen & paper. No paint, no colour, no texture. Just good old fashioned drawing. So I picked this one particular drawing lab where you draw an eye. Any kind of eye; a big one, little one, eyelashes, no eyelashes, crazy eye, soft eye- anything at all. And from there you just draw. Doesn't matter whether you know what you are drawing, you just draw. I certainly didn't sit down and think 'hmmmm- lets draw a fishy/shark monster'. It's just what my brain and hand decided to do and I am seriously happy with the result.

I want to try and incorporate the bottom one into a painting or art journal page at some point. I really feel like I am bursting with ideas at the moment, I just need to finish getting the office sorted so I can begin!

What have you drawn recently and been surprised at the result?

Rhiannon xxoxx

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