Friday, May 04, 2012

My fear of drawing

I haven't been able to get out my paints yet so I've been sketching & drawing instead which has been remarkably refreshing. Usually I don't draw, in fact I have a fear of drawing. Being surrounded by people who are amazing artists (my partner who is a tattoo artist and does custom drawings for clients every day, two of my closest friends Louise & Alyssa who are both talented animators and my amazing friends Hannah & Leanne at work) makes me nervous to draw anything because I never think it will be good enough. Quite silly really, because everyone knows that the only way to get better at anything is to practice. 

And practice some more

So without all my other materials to distract me, I decided to pick up the pencil (and pen) and get drawing. I am actually quite happy with these three drawings and am getting ideas for journal pages I want to start once our office is set up at the new house.

A drawing inspired by the magnificent Tam from Williowing
This page was a drawing lab by Carla Sonheim - I have plenty of real life inspiration here, here, here & here.
My favourite is the little guy at the bottom left. I really want to develop him a bit more and possible create a painting.
Rhiannon xxoxx


  1. Hee! I love your style! It reminds me of books I had as a kid, especially my Pippi Longstockings books, I'll try and rummage them out some time for you to have a look at, it's a neat style.

    1. Oh that would be awesome!! Thanks hun!~ xx