Thursday, May 17, 2012

How-to: Mini Visual Reminders

I am a big fan of lists. I'm actually quite well knowns for my list-making skills. I make lists of:
  • things to do 
  • things to buy
  • quotes
  • street names I like
  • groceries
  • words I like the sound of
  • blog ideas
  • things to photograph
  • things to create
the list goes on.... (ahhh~ see what I did there?)

I have made m.a.n.y lists on this blog; mainly of things I want to do or achieve. The latest being what I want to achieve in May. So far I haven't managed to cross many off but I am working on them (really, I am!)

The problem I have with my lists is that once written, they sit in a note book or on scrap paper only to see the light of day when looking for something totally unrelated. How many of us do that? I think I saw a few hands raised hehe. I decided that if I was ever going to tick anything off my to-learn/do/make list, I needed to have this particular list in my face all the time. 

I then remembered a blogger wrote a post earlier this year about visual reminders. (I looked and looked but could not remember where I found this post. FOUND IT! Your Gorgeous Wall o' Goals by YesandYes) Essentially they found images on the internet that were related to one particular item on the list and then added some text over the top and hey presto! Mini Visual reminders! 

I have made a home for them on my bare pin-board and I plan on adding more over the next few weeks. Hopefully I will be able to share a rather full looking pin-board soon.

One I am particularly excited about is making a dream catcher. I have this vision of it  including crystals, glass beads, feathers and all sorts of gorgeous, bright bits & pieces. I'm going to create an inspiration spread in my art journal to work out exactly what I want it to look like and then move onto a rough sketch. This girl needs a plan! 

Have you got any projects that you are particularly excited about?
What is on your list to do/learn/make?

Rhiannon xxoxx

**Note: I do not own any of the images used to create these DIY reminders. 


  1. I think you're talking about the yesandyes post :) She did something similar to you! I love your take on this, I think I might do something like this myself :)

    1. I had a feeling it was from yesandyes but I still can't find the post :(
      I'm so glad it has inspired you to start something similar- they are doing wonders for me! x

  2. I'm a huge list maker too and love this idea! I think I'll do my own all digital version using Pinterest boards. How awesome would it be to have a whole collection of visual lists!?!?!?!