Saturday, April 28, 2012

The big Move ~ Part 1

What a week it has been! 

We have been packing, moving and unpacking since last weekend and what an gargantuan mission it was. I won't bore you with details~ it really wasn't that exciting. But a dropped pane of glass, one giant cactus in a bathtub and 6ft fish tank later, we have moved everything into our new house.

What I did try to do whilst we were moving is make a note of any thoughts I had or comments made. It was to try and continuously motivate myself to appreciate the right now. Moving isn't fun, everyone knows that. But despite how dull and monotonous it may have been, I wanted to try and remember it. It is my first big move without my parents so it's quite a milestone for me. It's also really exciting because I see it as the start of our life for Dan and I. This will be the first time just us two will have lived together, and it's really exciting to be able to set up our own space.

(Side note: I have a new found respect for my parents for organising out entire house to be moved around Asia every 3 years. I don't know how they did it!)

Here are a few things I have realised or appreciated whilst moving:
  • I felt like a prison warden most days with up to 5 sets of keys connected together: old house keys, car keys, Dan's car keys, new house keys & truck keys. Goodness me!
  • While packing I have discovered that I am a chronic scrap paper scribbler. I found 20+ pieces of scrap paper with notes, scribbles and ideas in our bedroom alone. I need to find a better way to make & store these notes!
  • Having takeaways for dinner all the time is not as much fun as it sounds when your a kid. 5 days in a row of pizza, McDonalds & other assorted crap has made me feel quite icky and I am desperate for a big salad.
  • You know how we all blame our washing machines for eating our socks? Well turns out it's not their fault. These 'missing' socks are actually hiding under couches, behind tables & bookshelves. Don't ask me how they get there, all I know is that the washing machine is no longer to blame.
  • I love that feeling of accomplishment you get when you manage to drive to your new house without a map. Yeyahhh!
  • I am super happy with the bus service (one every 10 minutes during rush hours) and it has a shelter. I don't have to worry about standing in the rain on a windy winters morning waiting for the bus now. 
In part 2 (which probably won't be posted for another week) I will show you the new work space. It's so beautiful! My desk for painting is right underneath a strikingly gorgeous bay window with light flooding in. It's the way I have always envisioned it and I am already inspired and can't wait to get creating!
P.S. how cute are these little mushrooms I discovered in our back garden at the new house. 
P.P.S We have really enchanting flowers too.

Rhiannon xxoxx

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