Friday, April 20, 2012

Florence + The Machine & The link between Emotions and Music

You know that anomaly where you have never heard of something and then suddenly its everywhere? Well two days ago Dan mentioned this band I had never heard of; Florence + The Machine. He reckoned I would really like them but I didn't give it a second thought.

Then yesterday my sister mentioned the band too, and she also reckoned I would like it. Again, I didn't give it a second thought and put it at the back of my mind.

It became obvious that the universe was trying to tell me to listen to them though when the same night, a TV ad came on about their new album. So I decided to buy the album off iTunes with a voucher I had. I didn't even know what they sounded like but I just knew I had to buy it.!! It makes me think of magical woods, pixies and sprites. Of secret tea parties in the depths of the night, were magic is rampant and glitter is everywhere. That the impossible is possible and that there is hope in everything. I've never had such a strong reaction to music so it was quite a strange sensation. But then I thought, this is the whole point people create music; to be emotionally evocative.

I then began to think about how music can affect someone emotionally, like how does it actually work? Did you know that those chills you sometimes get whilst listening to music, it's actually your brain releasing a whole load of dopamine (your brains pleasure chemical).  The same thing happens when you eat mouthwatering food or take a psychoactive drug. Crazy huh? It suggests to scientists that this is why music has played such an important part in society ever since societies began thousands of years ago.

It would also explain why we are drawn to different types of music depending on our mood. Ever notice that if you are having a bad day you tend to go for something that evokes the same feeling? And the same with a good day. It's quite incredible when you start to think about it.

What kinds of music gives you the chills?
What music do you listen to when you're happy/sad? 

To end with I wanted to share a few songs that I am really loving by Florence + The Machine~ hope you enjoy!!


  1. Florence + the Machine are awesome - hearing that voice on the radio is one of my happy memories from my horrible last job.

    I'm with you on music provoking a reaction. I'm often bored by music; I only really like music with energy. Sometimes that's jingly jangly indie stuff, sometimes it's ska or punk, sometimes it's 80s pretention, sometimes it's fast paced and sometimes it's slow, but it's always stuff which it sounds like the musicians were really ENJOYING playing.

    1. Sarah you are totally right!! Music needs that energy that can only be created by someone passionate about what they do. None of that auto-tune stuff. The music needs soul! xoxox
      & I'm glad you had Florence + The Machine to get you through that horrible job! =D