Thursday, November 03, 2011

Armageddon Journaling & Flavoured Toothpaste

Armageddon was awesome!

I didn't end up taking anything more than my pen/cil case & sketchbook as my travel journl kit- nice and simple. I was very happy to find a massive set of copic markers waiting for me when I got there though, I had already started to regret not bringing more coloir. I didn't have too much 'free' time over the course of the day but I did manage to do this:

Armageddon DoodlesArmageddon DoodlesArmageddon DoodlesArmageddon Doodles

The whole place was packed with people in costumes! Most of them were continually moving and wouldn't stand still long enough for me to grab a good photo so sorry they are mostly mid-motion.

What did I buy? I tried very very hard not to spend money but when I came across Cupcake flavoured toothpaste [yes you read that right], I had to buy it. When I went to pay for it, I was told that there was also bacon flavoured toothpaste... my actually jaw dropped. Seriously?! Bacon flavoured toothpaste?! I had to buy that too. I didn't really want to try it but I had to own it. You can check out pictures of these over on my facebook page.

**Oh and make sure you check out my new easel!!

Rhiannon xxx

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