Friday, September 09, 2011

Spring time playgrounds

My friend and I got to go home earlier from work than usual today because of the major chaos that was about to unfold due to the Rugby World Cup opening night. So what did we do with the most beautiful spring day? What else...? Go down to the playground and play on the swings, re-learn how to do cartwheels and take lots of fun(ny) photos. I love being outside on days like this. We took some cool secession shots to turn into gifs. Here is a funny one of me

 I will be sharing some more photos from our antics and the rugby world cup tomorrow.

P.S. The opening night fireworks were unbelievable; I have never seen something so totally amazing! I might be able to find a youtube video tomorrow from where we got to see it! It was the most perfect spot.

Rhiannon xxx


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  2. hehe! i love your expression in this!

  3. Thanks Ingrid xxx I didn't know alyssa was taking the photo hehe; they usualy turn out better that way